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We are a husband and wife team (just married this past August!) passionate about health and wellness. After being told countless times that we would pair well together, we are finally doing just that in Missoula, Montana, where Alan grew up. With over a decade of practice experience between us, we combine acupuncture, massage, herbal medicine and yoga therapy to set our patients on a healing path. 

Monica works from a patient-centered, multi-system approach that draws upon Traditional Chinese Medicine and Functional Medicine to create a truly integrative system of care. Quantitative markers such as lab work and imaging, as well as genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors are considered in the evaluation of each patient's health.


Monica has embraced a focus un women's health, pregnancy, children and teens. Her online courses on Chinese Medicine and holistic pregnancy care are due out Fall 2020.


Monica uses a Japanese style needle technique. Most patients say she is by far the most gentle acupuncturist they have worked with.  She also employs effective, needle-free technologies such as Acu-graphing, micro current and laser, enabling sensitive patients and children to have a wholly positive and pain free experience. 


A perennial student of the body and mind, Alan came to study massage therapy after more than a decade of practicing and teaching yoga. With its common focus on relaxation, release, and balance of the body’s tissues, massage was a natural next step in Alan’s healing toolkit. After some informal massage training in India and Thailand, he was inspired to return home and become certified. His first formal 750 hour training was only the tip of the iceberg, providing a solid foundation for continued exploration of a powerful and timeless art.


Alan is fascinated by the variety of different kinds of touch within the scope of massage therapy. He has studied intense therapies like deep tissue and Thai massage, gentle therapies like Swedish, and Ayurvedic massage, and very subtle therapies like cranio‐sacral, reiki, and lymphatic massage. Alan has

found that each kind of touch can be just as effective as any other when used in the right time and place. Rather than practicing a specific modality, he is dedicated to deciphering which kinds of touch suit each unique person he works with. In a session with Alan, you can expect an intuitive, expansive, rhythmic, and gentle touch that deciphers your body’s needs. Alan also uses stretching, breathwork, deep pressure and subtle coaxing to leave you feeling balanced, free, and refreshed. 


Monica Walters, L.Ac., MSOM
Acupuncture + Herbal Medicine
Alan Worf, LMT, RYT
Massage + Yoga Therapy

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