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About Inner Strength 

On the inside of our sensitivities is a teacher and a strength. After all, it is the the tiniest sprout that is able to penetrate the hardest rock. 


I work from a patient-centered, multi-system approach that draws upon Traditional Chinese Medicine and Functional Medicine to create a truly integrative system of care. Leading with Functional Medicine means quantitative markers such as lab work and imaging, as well as genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors are considered first. 


The basis of Chinese medical theory is rooted in the idea that all life, while constantly changing, seeks equilibrium. When this balance is disrupted, disease may eventually occur, manifesting in any number of physical, mental or emotional symptoms. Acupuncture manipulates the body’s vital energy, or qi, in order to regulate imbalances of body or mind. Sometimes acupuncture soothes pain, sometimes it deeply relaxes; other times it boosts energy and improves concentration. I choose different techniques and points to achieve varied responses, depending on the individual’s particular needs. 




I grew up afraid of needles because of a medical condition that would cause my blood pressure to drop, and I would faint every time I got a vaccine or a blood draw. 

Many times I've heard my patients say, "You are by far the most gentle acupuncturist I have ever worked with." 


After my first experience with acupuncture I was amazed at how receiving medical care actually felt good. Moreover, I came to see that acupuncture isn't based on a system that looks at one symptom at a time, but rather is able to address the problem and help heal the whole body.

Now a new mother, I integrate the worlds of Traditional Chinese Medicine and parenthood by giving children the most natural, gentle and effective treatment.


I completed my masters degree at Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine College Berkeley (AIMC), and am a licensed acupuncturist in the state of Oregon. 

About Monica