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Acupuncture works by using hair-thin needles to access Qi (pronounced "chee") and help your body heal itself naturally.

Based on numerous studies, we have come to believe that the word "Qi" has been incorrectly translated as "energy"; and that a more accurate translation would be "circulation". 


Proven to increase circulation and blood flow to specific areas of the body, circulation is the key to how acupuncture works.  With blood flow and circulation come all the other mechanisms your body has to heal itself - decreasing inflammation and pain, balancing hormones, and mobilizing your body's natural healing response to strengthen your immune system.

Acupuncture has been proven to reduce inflammation by promoting the release of adenosine (your body's natural pain reliever) and boosting the parasympathetic (rest and digest, not fight or flight) nervous system. 

The needles used for acupuncture are much smaller and thinner than the hypodermic needles you may be used to seeing at the doctor's office. They are also significantly less painful. Most patients find acupuncture relaxing and experience a feeling of well-being that lasts for hours.  





Massage produces feelings of caring, comfort and connection. 

Its benefits are widespread throughout body systems, and are based in enhancing circulatory and immune functions. 

While an excellent therapy for relieving pain and muscle tension, massage has a great variety of benefits down to the cellular level. 

By lowering cortisol levels, massage decreases the stress load your body is carrying, produces feelings of well-being, and is helpful in preventing disease when done regularly.  


The effect of massage therapy on biochemistry is shown clearly in research, with an average of 31% decrease in cortisol levels (a hormone produced in your body during stressful times), and a 28% increase in serotonin levels (a hormone that improves sleep, elevates mood, and aids in digestion). 

Therapeutic massage can be used as a primary treatment method, or as a collaborative, supportive addition to acupuncture, yoga and conventional medical treatments of illness and injury.  


Yoga by the Ocean


Yoga is a powerful tool for uniting mind, body and spirit. We offer yoga to enhance treatment plans, and as an option for those seeking socially distanced care. Our sessions are customized to address your specific health needs with individualized and online packages. Yoga has the unique benefit of continually strengthening and recalibrating your healing process to maintain wellness over the long term. 


Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbs or nutritional supplements may also be prescribed as an adjunct to acupuncture therapy, offering a way to extend the effects of treatment and bring about resolution of more significant health complaints faster than with other therapies alone. Herbs come in many forms, including tablets, capsules and powdered teas for oral ingestion, or topical sprays or plasters for use directly on the skin.



Microcurrent delivers low frequency and amplitude electrical waves to acupuncture points while assessing the general conductivity of the acupuncture meridians. It creates better circulation much like a tens unit, but better adjusted and placed exactly where your body needs it the most.  Patients love it because it is completely painless while as effective as acupuncture needles. 

Tube Lights


Stimulating, red laser light and calming, blue light have been proven by decades of use. Red light has traditionally been associated with energy and tonification while blue light has been associated with relaxation, sedation, and tranquility. Painless lasers are used on acupuncture points to give the most gentle treatment. 

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