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Pain Management


Pain can be the ultimate show stopper, causing a significant decrease in our quality of living.


We address chronic pain, arthritis, pain from autoimmune disease, fibromyalgia, sports injuries, motor vehicle accidents and trauma.

Manage pain naturally by creating a treatment plan that blends the best holistic modalities for your needs. You'll notice pain levels dropping quickly by getting consistent, customized care. 

Upper Back Massage

Therapeutic massage can be used as a primary treatment method, or as a collaborative, supportive addition to acupuncture, yoga and conventional medical treatments of illness and injury.

Acupuncture Session


Acupuncture works by increasing circulation and blood flow to specific areas of the body. With blood flow and circulation come all the other mechanisms your body has to heal itself - reducing inflammation by promoting the release of adenosine (your body's natural pain reliever) and boosting the parasympathetic (rest and digest, not fight or flight) nervous system. 


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