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Success Stories

Here are a few reviews and testimonials from our patients.

Will you be next?

Monica Walters, LAc is the most talented acupuncturist I’ve worked with on my very long road to relief. Alan Worf, LMT is an extremely skilled and thorough massage therapist who has also studied posture and gait movement through yoga. They are both very talented at finding the origination of issues in the body and providing relief while strengthening weak areas.


I came in for chronic headaches and insomnia and Monica has helped me tremendously.  My headaches are vastly improved and I am sleeping well almost every night. I have been able to stop taking medication for both conditions as a result of her treatments.  Monica is a caring, sensitive and gentle practitioner. She is extremely knowledgeable, not only in eastern medicine, but in western medicine as well. She takes her time to learn about her patient's lifestyle and provides guidance to improve her patients' overall health and well-being. I would highly recommend her. 


The weekly sessions with Alan were a positive experience for me, not only because of the hard work he did to re-align an aging body, but also because of his calm, encouraging demeanor.


Monica has been seeing our five year old daughter to help us get her seasonal allergies under control. During initial treatments Monica built trust by making the treatments fun and informational. She was able to help us understand the immediate and desired long term effects of treatment. Our daughter responded well. The allergy symptoms have reduced to the point that they pose no inconvenience or bother at all to her. Her energy levels are up as well, which I didn’t think was possible. She is a happy camper!


I sought acupuncture for relief from throat pain and long-term neck and shoulder tension. Because of Monica I can happily say that I am in a much better place both physically and emotionally.  I appreciate that she took the time to get to know me and tailor the sessions for me.  Along with acupuncture treatments which included massage and cupping, she also provided herbs and supplements.  She offered resources for self-care such as book titles, online sites, nutrition information, yoga poses and meditations, which supported my process outside our sessions.  She’s a wealth of information.  I definitely received more than expected!


Monica has been working with me to reduce allergy symptoms and improve overall well being. My symptoms have reduced dramatically and I no longer need my over the counter allergy medication to function during high allergy season. I am very impressed with Monica's professionalism and knowledge. She is welcoming and clearly outlines the process during treatments. I feel she has helped me achieve my best self both mentally and physically, which is in turn making life that much more enjoyable. It takes time and patience, but the progress has been steady and noticeable.


Through Monica's care, I found relief from some longstanding and intractable health issues that Western medicine had failed to address. As a practitioner and as a person, Monica is deeply attentive and kind. Each time I saw her, she cycled through a process of asking thoughtful questions, listening with her whole being, and then delivering compassionate and effective treatment. She definitely helped me.


Monica has been helping me with numerous aches, pains and complaints that I had. The results have been great!  She is professional and really listens. I can tell she has my best interests at heart and she makes wonderful recommendations for overall health. The chinese herbs that she prescribed have been very helpful as well! I do not have to take any over-the-counter medicine anymore. I am very happy with my experience with Monica!


I have been treated multiple times by Monica for a variety of ongoing health issues relating to knee pain and menstrual irregularities.  Each visit with her has been reaffirming. She listens with great care, touches with the most genuine sensitivity, and is in tune to needs. She takes her time without wasting yours. She used needles and her hands to treat my pains and has a great knowledge of herbal remedies to support healing. Monica has a perfect intuition. I highly recommend using Monica for any acupuncture/acupressure or herb need.


I was suffering from insomnia when I first visited Monica.  I have to admit I was a little fearful and skeptical.  I knew nothing about acupuncture except that it involved needles - something I  fear immensely.  Monica has a very calming demeanor and coupled with her vast knowledge of the practice, she was able to immediately put me at ease. She spent time doing the consultation and made suggestions about supplements I could use to aid in the healing process. What I truly appreciated was that she did not upsell me on tons of supplements, recommending only what she thought I truly would need to aid in my healing. I would recommend Monica hands down.


I had struggled with neck and back pain for several years, and numerous people had suggested I try acupuncture. I was impressed with Monica's professionalism, knowledge, experience and medical approach. I felt that she really listened to me, considered the information, and treated me based on that. I was shocked that I felt immediate improvement, and within 3 visits found that all of the pain I had managed for years had become literally non-existent. In addition, Monica suggested supplemental herbs that could help me with various issues, and took a whole body approach to my health. Not only do I recommend Monica to my friends and family, she is the first person I call whenever I find myself feeling a new ache or pain. 


I have several chronic conditions.  To help avoid surgery I was willing to try something new to me.  My physician directed me to Monica.  I have found her to be a good listener and very professional.  At each session we discuss my issues and what to concentrate on.  Herbal formulas have been introduced to me also and I have been pleased.  I feel now more atuned with my body.


I have been receiving weekly acupuncture treatment from Monica for ten and a half months. When I began seeing her I was run down, having trouble with recurrent bronchitis and sinus infections, experiencing digestive difficulties and poor sleep.  Even after one treatment I began to feel markedly better. It took about two months for my health to stabilize. I have continued my weekly treatments with the goal of feeling greater energy, well being, ease of sleep at night and resilience. I am delighted to report that my goal has been met. It is now cold and flu season again, formerly a threatening time for my health but this year I am feeling strong. 


I am extremely fortunate that I was referred to Monica. After a long series of frustrations with traditional health care providers I have finally found someone leading me in the right direction with measurable positive results. I came to her with adrenal fatigue problem. Through a simple saliva test Monica accessed the damage and recommended regular acupuncture treatments along with special nutrition and supplements to support the treatment. I noticed the difference very quickly. Six months later my energy levels have increased tremendously and my overall health is so much better. I haven't felt this good in years!  


I was under the care of Monica for several months this year as we worked together to bring my bladder under control.  I am a Parkinson’s patient, so by definition, it was my assumption from experience that Monica’s job would be not be easy.  Monica is a gracious, intelligent and resourceful practitioner of this art and I am very happy to say we found success.  


My issue was related to fatigued adrenals which, in turn, had affected my thyroid functioning. I was struggling to get through the day without feeling exhausted. Monica has helped with a thorough assessment of my supplements as well as regular acupuncture and a special formula for adrenal repair. My wife noticed the difference as my energy gradually returned over time, and I can now meet long, demanding days with stamina and a strong sense of well-being. Monica listens and takes WAY more time with me than any doctor I have visited. She digs below the surface to find answers where my doctors don't go, and I am grateful for my restored well-being.


I was experiencing TMJ and the pain and discomfort had become acute.  I couldn’t chew, I could barely eat, I couldn’t speak properly.  Anything that required me to open my mouth was a nightmare.  I was also having terrible headaches and ringing in my ears. After three or so months of treatment I’m back to 80% of my full jaw function, the headaches are completely gone, my ability to eat is almost completely back to normal and the tinnitus is gone. Monica brings another level of caring to her practice. She has been incredibly attuned to the potential interactions between the treatment she’s giving me and the western medicines I’m taking to treat other conditions.  I intend to keep seeing Monica indefinitely and look forward to working with her to keep me at peak performance and address whatever ongoing issues come up for me.  


My allergies reached a crescendo a few months ago and I decided to try acupuncture.  I felt allergy meds were merely covering up my symptoms and not addressing the root cause. Monica really took the time to understand what was going on with me and offered solutions at every turn. Along with acupuncture, I began a regimen of herbs to assist in correcting my imbalance. Since many allergies have underlying food allergies, Monica suggested a cleanse. Two months later, I have little to no allergy symptoms. I believe that if you are patient with this process and allow Monica to do what she does, anyone can have the same results as me. 


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