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Health Care for Children

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Acupuncture Has Few Side Effects

Acupuncture has many advantages for children with health problems. One of the biggest is few side effects. A lot of children are medication-sensitive, and acupuncture doesn’t have the side effects of medication. With acupuncture, we can also address multiple symptoms in a single treatment just by different point selection.

Acupuncture is More Than a Pain Reliever

Acupuncture’s use with children and adolescents has mirrors its rising popularity among adults. A study of 450 children from birth to age 17 who had acupuncture found the technique to be safe in the hands of well-trained practitioners.

In acupuncture, local, regional or body wide points are selected to achieve different effects. We can stimulate some of these points or calm them in order to reduce certain symptoms.


Acupuncture helps babies, children and teens with a wide range of issues, including:

  • Sleep problems

  • Anxiety

  • Fatigue

  • Headaches

  • Reflux, nausea and stomach pain

  • Bone and joint pain

  • ADHD

  • Asthma and allergies

  • Bedwetting

  • Drooling


This is done by:

  • Gently inserting needles

  • Laser stimulation

  • Micro-current stimulation

  • Acupressure (gentle massage of points)

Taking It One Step At a Time


Often times children are reluctant to try needles. I will explain to you and your child that acupuncture needles are different from the needles used to draw blood. They are hair-thin and nearly painless.


We can also introduce painless acupressure, lasers or micro-current as first options when a child is fearful or anxious. As a bonus, I teach children and parents acupressure therapies they can use on themselves at home.

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