Healing takes time and willingness to stick with a plan. That's why we offer several packages for patient focused care with 10-15% off our regular single session prices. 

Can't find the right package for you? We can design one that meets your needs.  Just ask!

Massage gratuity appreciated. 
Back Pain

Pain Free 

Whether it's acute pain from an injury, post operation, or something chronic that has been bothering you for a long time, these packages are designed to address it all. 


3 bALANce Massages 90 minutes


3 Acupuncture Treatments (first 90 minutes, second 60 minutes)

Package deal of $549

Woman in a Spa

Well Woman

Help with balancing hormones, cycle length, and menstruation issues, menopause, and postpartum.



6 Acupuncture Treatments (first 90 minutes, next five for 60 minutes) 


Herbal Medicine Prescription* 


3 Swedish Massages 60 minutes

Package deal of $716

*Does not include the cost of supplements and herbal medicine.

Guy Skiing

The Athlete 

Help for athletes who want to address deeply held muscular tension, pain and/or a boost in their energy. 

2 Deep Tissue Massages 90 minutes 


2 Acupuncture Treatments (first 90 minutes, second 60 minutes) 

Package deal of $383

Rock in Sand

Clear Mind

Better manage stress, anxiety and the pandemic blues

3 Acupuncture Treatments (first 90 minutes, second two 60 minutes) 


Herbal Medicine Prescription*

3 bALANce Massages 90 minutes


1 Yoga and Breathwork Session 

Package deal of $610

*Does not include the cost of supplements and herbal medicine




Pregnant Woman

Prenatal Care

We welcome and love treating patients during pregnancy! You must be pregnant to receive the Prenatal Care package. (For fertility based treatments please choose the Well Woman package.)


3 Prenatal Acupuncture Treatments, (first 90 minutes, then second two 60 minutes)


2 Prenatal Massages 60 minutes

Package deal of $417

Basic Packages

We offer basic packages if you'd like to stick to one modality. 




6 treatments (not including initial)


11 treatments (not including initial)



(Of any kind)

4 Massages 60 minutes


4 Massages 90 minutes


8 Massages, 90 minutes 



(Zoom Individual Sessions, 45 minutes)

4 Yoga Sessions