Prices for Acupuncture, Massage and Yoga


Initial Patient Visit $140

Established Patient Visit $85

Herbal Medicine consultations are included in each acupuncture visit and part of an ongoing treatment plan. However, the cost of the prescribed herbal medicine is separate from the cost of service.  Our herbal pharmacy onsite has Chinese and Western herbs, as well as supplements. Each prescription is based solely on the individual need of the patient. 

Package Plans of 6 or 11 acupuncture treatments are also available for Established Patient Visits when patients are completing a treatment plan, decreasing the cost of each visit by 10% or 15%:

6 Visits for $459

11 Visits for $800

(Please note that these are cash paying prices, and an additional 2.75% is added for electronic payment.)


We offer a variety of massage styles and techniques, including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Prenatal, and Sports/Injury massage.

One hour (60 minutes) $75 

One and a half hour (90 minutes) $100


Private yoga instruction gives you tools to strengthen your body with proper postural alignment, release muscular tension, and poses to practice at home to maintain wellness. 

Private Yoga Instruction (45 minutes) $60

Insurance for Acupuncture & Massage

We are currently taking Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) insurance, Health Savings Account (HSA) and Flexible Spending Account (FSA) insurance. 

OUT OF NETWORK INSURANCE: If your health insurance plan includes out of network coverage for acupuncture and/or massage then you are eligible for reimbursement for however much your plan covers.


Superbills are issued for each eligible visit.  All you'll need to do is sign the superbill and send it in to get your reimbursement in the mail.  


Please call your health insurance company ahead of time to make sure to find out your details of out of network coverage.  

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