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The lunar new year is the first seed of spring, regeneration and vitality in nature and the cosmos. During this time it's customary to gather together with community. We recognize you - our health and healing community - and extend a warm thank you to every patient who came to see us this past year. It was truly a pleasure to see you and have you show up for all the challenges and rewards of better health. 

Please accept a new year gift of 10% off your next single session of acupuncture, massage or yoga (packages not included). All you have to do is wish us a happy lunar new year after your session. 


It was a vigorous time for us as many of you graciously adapted your schedules around our wedding in June, and then as we began expanding into our second office in November.


We continue to dream into life ways to make our office a cozy, warm and inviting space for you to deeply relax and harmonize mind and body.  


Want to know more about the year of the Yin Water Rabbit? My colleague, Erin Langley, has an interesting article that is well worth the read here

As per the traditional auspice: Wishing you a nourishing, creative, collaborative, slow down year! 

Alan Worf, LMT & Monica Walters, LAc

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